Inspired by the rich Caribbean culture of their studio’s surrounding environs on Ridley Road Market, Dalston, Sarah & Sorrentino have experimented with hand-drawn geometric patterns and organic forms found in nature and modern architecture.

The ‘Ridley’ collection spans six designs; Dami, Boboto, Lucky, Hamar, Market and Lagos each take their name from shops lining this thriving area of London, drawing on its heritage for an equally colourful palette of sunset oranges, midnight blues, hot pinks and emerald greens. 

These six designs come in four different styles.

  • Handkerchief (40x40cm) - This can be worn in a pocket, round the neck or to be incorporated with any accessory.
  • Long Scarf (30x130cm) - Tie it in a bow or wrap it round your head.
  • Square Scarf (70x70cm) - Tie this scarf around your neck or in your hair to brighten up any hairstyle.
  • Large Scarf (135x135cm) - The large scarves are the most versatile of the collection. They can be worn on the beach as a sarong or as a cosy scarf in the London winter.  

See the Sarah & Sorrentino Blog for styling ideas!


A statement print, this encapsulates our collection and the inspiration behind Sarah & Sorrentino. Available in two colour ways and three different styles.


Inspired by Egyptian jewellery, this print is bright and eye catching. It is long in length so its perfect for versatile styling depending on your mood. Available in two colour ways


Taken from the architecture on Ridley Road, the block by block pattern is geometrically formed creating a fresh inspiring look. Available in two colour ways and in three different styles


This traditional design has the perfect balance of colours to match with any outfit. Finished with a checkered boarder, giving it a hint of cool modernity


Inspired by organic forms found in nature, this print compliments the rest of the collection with it's softness and fluidity. Available in two different colourways and two different styles.


An explosion of pattern, this Kaleidoscope design is one of our favourites.  The subtle colours are ignited by the checkered border with yellow trim. Available in two colourways and three sizes